I went hobby to high-paying clients
in just 5 weeks...
Let Me Show You How to Turn
Your Passion Into Profits.
Those 5 Weeks Were the Building Blocks to Live a Freedom-Filled and Passionate Life.
Changing your life starts with just one step….
Set Yourself Up on a Shoestring Budget and Get Earning Money Fast.
During the Smart Start Masterclass you will learn
Business Basics
The exact steps I took to set up my business in 5 weeks to earn $1700 in my first month in business. You CAN start your business on a shoestring (and FAST).
Portfolio Building & Your Brand
Checklists and step by step processes for building your portfolio. How to know when it is time to start charging for your work. We will talk about the importance of branding and how to know what type of images to showcase on your website.
Your Online Store
How to create your own website on a budget, even if you are not very technical. Resources, recommended websites and the only 7 things you need on your website to set you up for success.
Navigating Facebook and Using Social Media For Free Advertising
My 10 Top Tips for getting the most out of Facebook without having to pay for adverts. Which platforms to focus on, and how to create and integrate your social media content into your online presence.
Which Products Should You Offer & How Much Should You Charge
What you should offer, what suppliers should use for which products? How to work out what you should charge. Recommended resources for Australia and the USA for printing, packaging and products.
From Session Enquiry to Sale
Your step by step guide on how to manage the shoot process. Recommended resources and suppliers from model releases to client image delivery to receiving payments for your sales.
Here's The Breakdown
Join us for this Online Masterclass and you will receive:

Checklists, Workbook and Step by Step Guides

Smart Start Playbook complete with checklists, how to’s, resource lists and supplier guides. This will be sent to you via email after you purchase.

Video Training

There is over 3 hours worth of gold nuggets and training for you to refer back to time and again.
To work with Clare in her Photography Business Accelerator Program costs $2,997.
Get Access to This Smart Start Masterclass Before The Price Increases
This hands-on masterclass with business mentor Clare Stephens is especially for women looking to turn their hobby into a flexible business that supports their family, their lifestyle and their income goals.
You will get actionable strategies that will not only position you for success, but you will leave with clear, step by step process that you can implement STRAIGHT AWAY.

Clare will give you all the shortcuts and show you how she went from corporate rat race to freedom filled successful photography business.
What Would Your Life Look Like If You Could Work Your Own Hours, At Home, Around Your Kids And Lifestyle?
This Smart Start Intensive is Perfect for You IF:
People keep asking you to bring your camera to events - you're
    growing in confidence, but also keenly aware that your photography
    hobby is becoming a little bit expensive.
It has crossed your mind that you could possibly earn money doing
    this... or maybe your friends are already asking you... but you have          no idea where to start with what to charge... or how you would go  
    about getting suppliers... or maybe you just don't have the 
    confidence to get started.
Possibly you have taken the first steps to set up your photography
    business and are stuck as to where to go next.

I've spent my whole life doing what is comfortable, safe and dare I say it, easy. And starting your own photography business is none of those things. It has put me way outside of my comfort zone, and it's a revelation. I'm so happy to say I've just booked my first paying client, following the exact steps Clare gave us. I'm so proud to be doing something that makes me happy and that I can show my boys that IS possible to do anything you set your mind to. Finally when my husband asks what I am passionate about I, have an answer. This process is exciting and invigorating and brings me immense joy.

, Goulburn, Australia

I am so grateful to Clare for being such a vibrant, enthusiastic and generous person who is so willing to share her time and knowledge. I would not of come so far without her!

I always ask myself 'what would I want for my daughter?' And I want her to be brave and bold and follow her bliss and I want to be an example to her to show her it is possible to make a living out of something she enjoys. 

Working with Clare has made me challenge my fears rather than let them stop me! And being part of a this awesome 'gang' of girls on a similar journey to me has been priceless in terms of the support. Thank you so much Clare. 

Canberra, Australia
what if you had the confidence and the know-how to start earning income from child photography….?

I'm super proud of myself that I'm doing something I've dreamed of and talked about for over 20 years! Clare you a living example that you can make a living out of photography and proof to my myself (and my mother!) it IS possible. You've helped me move through my old pattern beliefs that have run deep and helped me get over feeling like I'm not good enough, or that it can't work. Now at 41 with a 16month old baby I'm no longer resting in the "I can't"... because now I know I can!

My love affair with photography is BACK! I'm loving to take photographs again without fear. The fear of the storage, downloading, editing, all that is gone thanks to Clare's advice! 

Immediately after implementing the steps to get set up and following Clare's strategy, I booked not one but two paid shoots in the one day! Clare, you have simplified the process of digital photography to be easy and I LOVE all of it. I feel like now my purpose is clear and my vision is my reality! Thank you for your vision, for reducing the speed bumps for us, for flying by the seat of your pants, for not apologising for it...and doing an epic job! You are my mentor in all senses of the word... thank you!

Byron Bay, Australia

If you implement the steps I prescribe within 30 days of the course date and you still don't get your first paying client, I’ll offer you a free one-on-one coaching session to get you back on track. These are full-fledged mentoring sessions which are not offered to anyone else.
If you put in the work and go through the process, you WILL make money from your passion for photography and build a business around work that excites you. It’s worked for the girls I have stepped through this process, it's worked for me, and will for you as well.
I would love to see you in the Smart Start Masterclass!
"I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge - not only is it fun and satisfying and extremely important to be documenting (in a QUALITY way) the childhoods of our kids, but I have found a way to provide a lifestyle clare1for myself that I was only dreaming of a few short years ago. There are so many women out there with a passion for photography and the desire to escape the rat race, I really want to help you get started and show you that with some basic business sense when it comes to photography, you don't have to be a starving artist.
The first step to this is to get yourself set up fast, without spending a fortune. The next is to to work out what to offer and how much to charge. The third and most important is to stop doing freebies and get out there and ask for the sale to turn this passion of yours into actual profits for you and your family. I hope to help you take your first step towards changing your life!"
I am confident that if you join our Smart Start Masterclass and implement the actions I set out for you, you will be booking in photoshoots with clients fast.
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